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Cadaver Training Course
Cadaver Training Course
Fat Grafting Workshop
Fat Grafting Workshop
Clinical Anatomy
Clinical Anatomy

iDissect cadaver course – Where Learning Begins And Medical Aesthetics Progresses To The Next Level

iDissect course delivers more than the typical from a clinical anatomy program. This essential filler training course is the only cadaver course in the region, designed to enhance your injectables skills for facial aesthetics in medical practice. Launched in 2017, and moving towards its fifth edition already, the program reflects multi-facetted educational innovation in the field of aesthetic medical training.

In our medical aesthetics courses, we have creatively turned the traditional and theoretical topic of anatomy into a practical and exciting skill that will measurably improve your techniques and dramatically reduce complications.

By providing access to cadaver head specimens from the US and live patients, the cadaver training course program offers a step-by-step learning process that to ensure your maximum confidence. After this anatomy masterclass, you will possess impeccable techniques for fillers, toxins, PRP and threads, benefitting from dissecting, injecting, learning and reviewing this vast topic in an exceptional laboratory and clinical setting, with colleagues from around the world.

Dr. Matt Stefanelli, the course director, provides you with a memorable experience thanks to his remarkable teaching skills and vast knowledge of clinical anatomy that he directly translates into practical injectable skills for your practice. Dr. Stefanelli is one of the few leading clinical anatomists in the world specializing in aesthetic medical training.


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